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  • Designer Diary - Vivid

    Sometimes games are inspired by a mechanical or thematic idea, but in this case Vivid was inspired by an entire category of games suddenly coming back into fashion. Brett and I were never particula... Read More

  • Designer Diary - Vault Wars: Relic Roadshow

    Place your bids! As many of you long-time Floodgate fans know, we published a little game called Vault Wars in 2015. This year, we teamed up again with illustrator Jacqui Davis to bring you Vault W... Read More

  • Developer Diary - Holi: Festival of Colors

    Learn about the journey we took to take a game about trees and turn it into celebrating one of India's most vibrant festivals. Read More

  • New Game Announcement: Vivid

    We're very excited to announce Vivid! Vivid is a drafting game of building a network of connected memories -- formed by threads of colored tokens. With a touch of engine-building and a lot of char... Read More

  • Gen Con Online 2020

    While it's definitely a huge bummer that we're not able to meet up in person for the best 4 days in gaming, we're pumped to play games online with you instead! WHAT'S NEW We have a ton of cool... Read More

  • Designer Diary - Making a Good Game Great!

    This was originally posted by Scott Almes, designer of Cosmic Colonies, on Board Game Geek (October 4th, 2019) As we were getting ready to launch Cosmic Colonies on Kickstarter, I was asked to ... Read More

  • Rising from the Depths... of the Internet!

    What's Up? We're really proud of the games we make. It takes a huge effort from so many talented people to bring a board game idea to life, and nothing feels better than being able to share it with... Read More