We really appreciate you thinking of us for your game! At Floodgate, we strive to make games that create Everlasting Experiences, so be sure you know how yours could do just that for our gamers!

Before getting started, here's a little more about what we're looking for:

You must be able to say "yes" to each of these questions

Does your game play well with 2 players?
Does your game play well up to 4 players?
Have you playtested your game at least 5 times with groups who are not your friends or family?
Does the gameplay feel puzzley?
Do players seem to feel clever while they are making choices?
Does your game push an existing boundary without being "too" different? Does it have what we call a "twist on the familiar"?
Is there the potential for an attractive/unique table presence? Having a unique component would be great!
Are the rules simple to explain (they will fit within 8 pages with visual examples)? This usually means about 3 pages when written out.
Is the game engaging for casual/non-gamers, but deep enough to captivate hobbyists?
Is there player interaction without a sense of "meanness"?
Does your game have an "a-ha moment"? A time when players "get" the game and see how their choices impact the game state more effectively.
Does your game have a theme that ties into the components (or the potential components) and gameplay?

Nice to have
Is there the possibility of solo-play?
Does your game play up to 5-6 players?
Are the victory conditions slightly different each time you play?
Is there low language dependency? (some is fine, especially on cards and rules)

What we're most likely not interested in
Types of games listed below needs to be a have a very unique approach for us to consider it
- Roll-and-write games
- Pirate-themed games

Not what we're not looking for
Non-thematic games (including "this could be any theme you want")
Combat games with direct conflict between players
Dexterity games (no stacking, sliding, flicking)
Drinking games
Card-only games

Now what?

Are you able to confidently say "yes" to each of the mandatory questions above? Does your game also fall outside of the "not What we're looking for" criteria? Great! Here's our Game Submission Form.