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Proper decorum has never been this fun.

Floodgate Games is excited to announce Décorum, A Passive Aggressive Game of Cohabitation coming in January 2022!

Decorum Board Game

For 2 to 4 players, Décorum is a cooperative game where players work together to decorate a house.  The tricky part is figuring out how to achieve your own secret goals while compromising with the other player(s) who are each attempting to satisfy their own home décor requirements.

Décorum is a scenario-based game. In each scenario, the players’ home will start with certain decorations, accouterments, and paint colors in each room of the house. Whether the scenario puts the players in the roles of new roommates, a couple with different aesthetics, or a family with many different points of view the goal is the same: decorate the home in a manner where everyone is happy. Will you be able to figure out the best way to compromise and still get what your personal objectives call for? Or is it time to move out?

Designed by Charlie Mackin, Harry Mackin, and Drew Tenenbaum, and featuring a brightly colored yet minimalistic art style by Komboh Creative, Décorum comes with 30 unique scenarios in the core game box providing plenty of cooperative puzzles to solve together! The introductory scenarios will get you playing in just a few minutes, but don’t let it fool you, each scenario provides new challenges to explore and even some new content to unlock!

“This game is so much fun - collaboratively solving the puzzle - and we're excited to share it with you. We have tons planned for new scenarios and are even working on app integration for players to access to an infinite stream of new content. .” – Ben Harkins (Floodgate Games owner)

On each player’s turn, they can add an item to a room in the house, remove an item, change the wall color of a room, or swap out one item for another. The standard items are modern, antique, retro, or unusual versions of Wall Hangings, Lamps, and Curios (which you might know better as knick-knacks, tchotchkes, or bric-a-brac). When a player decides to place an item, the other player(s) are prompted to give feedback, but are limited to what they can say: “I don’t like it.”, “I love it!”, or “I’m fine with it.”, but never sharing why they feel that way. By paying attention to each player’s actions and reactions to your decorating choices you’ll begin to get an idea of what your housemates’ objectives are.

Decorum Board Game Tokens

As the game progresses, you’ll reach a round limit where you can have a “heart-to-heart” or a “house meeting” in which each player can finally share one of their objectives directly with the other players. If this happens, hopefully, you’ve been paying attention to their other wishes because if the game reaches the final round without each player being satisfied with how the house is looking, the scenario ends in a disharmonious defeat.

But, if you’re able to pay attention to how the other player is reacting to your choices and what decorating options they are choosing, you can come together in a happy home! After each scenario, you’ll tally up your score to see how you did, and if you’re ready for your own home décor show.

“I love how players throw themselves into the roles in each scenario, really playing the specific characters as they try to solve the scenario.” – Ian Birdsall, Floodgate Games Marketing Manager

Decorum Board Game Back of Box

Décorum is coming to your favorite local game store in January 2022. Check out the BGG page for more information and join the conversation in the forums. Décorum will be shown at AwSHUX, Essen Spiel, and PAX Unplugged if you’re able to attend and give the game a try.