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Rising from the Depths... of the Internet!

What's Up?

We're really proud of the games we make. It takes a huge effort from so many talented people to bring a board game idea to life, and nothing feels better than being able to share it with the world... unless your website sucks. Which ours did. To fix this, we teamed up with a rock-star designer & developer Paul Houser to give our site the glow-up it so badly needed.

What's Changed?

Trust me, you won't miss the old stuff. Here's a sampling of the highlights:

  • There can be only one - The website and store used to be separate sites, each with a different feel to them. These have been brought together into one site, built on Shopify for a seamless experience if you're looking to buy one of our games or accessories.
  • Branding? What branding? - We've been working hard to get our act together with the Floodgate brand. It's been a very long process so far, and there's still a ways to go, but part of this is getting the website to look and feel like the games we make. You might even see a post in the future about this. Speaking of...
  • Extra, Extra! - We end up with a ton of great content from our designers, illustrators, graphic designers and more, but it ends up strewn about the internet, never to be found again. Going forward, we'll bring all that together so you can learn about all the Floodgate things in one place.
  • Now we can have nice things - Everything should be organized in a way that makes way more sense, and presents info about each of our games in a consistent way. The reviews section for each game is cleaned up to better highlight the hard-working content creators that review our games. Our image galleries actually show off how beautiful our artists' work is, and our product pages try to immerse you in each game's world just a bit more. 

What's Kraken?

When you're looking around, you might spot a new friend lurking below the surface...Introducing Locke - The Floodgate Games Kraken

It's no secret that we love krakens. Growing up, Ben watched Clash of the Titans, (famous for it's awful/amazing claymation effects and "release the kraken" culminating scene), so many times he broke the VCR. Continuing the legacy, we've tried to sneak the sea beast into some of our games, and now thanks to the brilliant work by Jacqui Davis we have one as our very own! Keep an eye out as we find new places to show off the only mascot big enough to hug an actual floodgate. Got an idea for where she should travel next? Let us know!

What's Next?

There's still work to do, so expect a reworked support page, convention information and a few more fun things to come! Oh yeah, we'll also keep making games, for you too.