Kites: Time to Fly

Work together to put on an amazing Kite show!


A Game of Passive Aggressive Cohabitation

Sagrada - 2022 Promo Pack

Continue building your collection with these limited availability window pattern cards

Fog of Love

A Romantic Comedy As A Board Game

Sagrada: Life

More challenges, more objectives, more dice!

Holi: Festival of Colors

A 3D Area Control Game of Spreading Color and Joy

Coming Soon

Sagrada Artisans

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  • Keep Flying - Kites Developer Diary

    One day I was sitting on top of a hill, overlooking the city below. With the wind subtly blowing, I started imagining what it would be like for a paper airplane to catch the breeze from such height... Read More

  • Sagrada Themed Cookies!

    Looking for a delicious and homemade gift to give to your board gaming friends? These sugar cookies are quick and highlight the beautiful dice from Sagrada. Read More

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