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LandmarksMake A Way With Words

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Landmarks box art

Mark the Land. Follow the Clues. Link the Words to Find Your Way

You've got the map, but the rest of your party is lost in a jungle filled with treacherous traps, evil curses, and bit ol' piles of sweet sparkling treasure.

Guide them to the good stuff by sending a chain of one-word clues, steering them from danger and leading them to riches. Your clue will connect your party to the net landmark, but will they choose the right way to go? Just say the word and find out.

Race to find your team's treasure first -or- work together to get out of the jungle and split the loot before you run out of water!

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I love this one! I was blown away by how much fun I had with this.

This is a very clever word association game!

This is a special game one that really makes its mark.

I'm happy to recommend this game to almost anyone. I'm having a blast with it!