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Skyrockets: Festivals of FireWow the crowds in 30 unique festivals!

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Skyrockets: Festivals of Fire box art

In Skyrockets, players take turns to play cards and flip the matching sand timers (your fireworks) without letting any run out.

Keep the timers running as you advance along the Festival Countdown Track, and work together to amaze the crowds at each festival to earn the highest ratings.

  • Deluxe Components Included! Acrylic Tokens and Custom Card Sleeves
  • Including 30 events, presenting unique challenges to overcome.
  • Impress the crowds to earn a three-star rating!

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I really liked this! I really enjoyed it! Skyrockets is a game that I really recommend that you pick up and try.

There is so much to like about this game... It's really fun! 

The ways the different fireworks shows change the rules of the game are incredibly clever! I really dug it!

Skyrockets is such a fun, fast, exciting - take your breath away, timed, cooperative, dexterous game!

So fun!

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