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Sagrada: PassionThe Great Facades - Expansion 1 of 3

Return to the Sagrada Familia and revel in artistic freedom. New Objectives, Inspiration Cards and the Rare Glass Dice.

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Sagrada: Passion box art

The first of 3 modular expansions to Sagrada -- adding Rare Glass Dice with new private objectives, new Public Objectives based on symmetry and balance, and Inspirations which supply individual player powers.

Return to the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Sagrada: Passion, the first of the three Great Facades expansions. This modular expansion revels in artistic freedom—add everything inside or handpick individual components to enhance your crafting experience.

Sagrada: Passion introduces new challenges to test your artisanal abilities. Gain individual player powers through inspiration cards, use rare glass dice to complete new private objectives, and be rewarded for carefully meeting new symmetry and balance public objectives. Will your stained glass window be a true masterpiece?

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I really enjoyed the expansion... a great addition to Sagrada

Dice Tower - Sam Healey

If you like Sagrada it's a no-brainer... more things to think about, more variability

Game Boy Geek

If you own Sagrada, you're going to want to check out the new Passion expansion.

A small little box that packs a lots of twists, a lot of punch... just enough spice to kick your game up

I really like what the Rare Glass Dice bring to the table.

Never Bored Gaming

The Rare Glass Dice are super cool -- a really neat way to play the game. It's an easy purchase for any fan of Sagrada.

The Cardboard Herald

If you are a fan of the game, then the Passion expansion, the first in a planned set of three Great Façades, is worth your time and attention

This is a must-have to add some variety to your window making.

For fans of Sagrada this is a fun addition and sets hopes high for the following two Great Facade expansions.



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  • 6 Rare Glass Boards
  • 6 Rare Glass Dice (12mm)
  • 6 Public Objectives (63 x 88.5 mm)
  • 7 Private Objectives (63 x 88.5 mm) 
  • 6 Inspiration Cards (63 x 88.5 mm) 
  • Rulebook


  • Game Design: Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu
  • Illustration: Peter Woken & Matt Paquette
  • Graphic Design: Matt Paquette
  • Development: Ben Harkins
  • Editing: Paige Polinsky
  • Photos: Elijah Weerts
  • Overview Video: Brandon Ohmie
  • Overview Video Voiceover: Dan Marta
  • Published by Floodgate Games

Technical Specs

  • SKU: FGG-SA03
  • UPC: 728028465242
  • Case Quantity: 10
  • Box Size: 150 x 100 x 45mm / 5.91 x 3.94 x 1.77 in.
  • Box Weight: .162 kg / 5.7 oz.
  • EN71 & ASTM F963 Safety Testing

  • NOTE: The first printing has an incorrect UPC (ending in 35) that is shared with Bosk. The correct UPC is 728028465242. There is a sticker sheet in this media kit for printing corrected UPC stickers if needed