Sagrada - 2020 Promo Pack

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Make your collection complete with all the Sagrada promos released through the beginning of 2020! This limited exclusive pack contains the promos we've given at conventions, through reviewer partners, one released in Poland only and a promo exclusive to this pack! We only made 2000 of these and do not plan to make them again.

Promo pack Includes Window Pattern Cards:
  • 2020 Promo Pack Exclusive
  • Balboa Bay / Vitraux
  • Komorebi / Alpenglow
  • International Tabletop Day 2018
  • Board Game Geek
  • Watch It Played
  • Man Versus Meeple
  • Game Boy Geek
  • Apollo / Godfather (Previously a Polish-only release)
  • & the Sagrada: Passion - Horizontal Symmetry objective

Note: This will be available outside US/Canada later this year. You can also add this on in our Holi: Festival of Colors Pledge Manager for delivery to your country in the meantime.