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Sagrada ArtisansA Legacy Game of Dice Drafting and Window Coloring

Craft stained glass windows of increasing beauty and complexity over a campaign spanning generations!

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Sagrada Artisans box art

Artisan: I am honored to personally invite you to join the finest workers in Spain as we construct the greatest architectural achievement of our age: La Sagrada Familia.


Will your family’s stained-glass legacy stand the test of time? In Sagrada: Artisans you’ll compete as rival families, each chronicling your construction of the cathedral’s windows over a campaign spanning generations—each window presenting new discoveries   and challenges. Gain powerful abilities and unlock wonderous new tools that you’ll carry through the campaign...and beyond. By carefully drafting dice and coloring in spaces to most cleverly meet each window’s restrictions and objectives, you will be victorious! 

Sagrada: Artisans is a stand-alone, campaign game based on the foundation of the hit game Sagrada - A Game of Dice Drafting and Window Crafting. You and your group will shape the story that unfolds over more than 10 unique scenarios – your decisions will carry on to influence future plays through the included Window Pattern Booster Pack.

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What they've done here is very clever!

I love Sagrada! I love legacy games! How about we take two great tastes that are phenomenal together?

95% pure unadulterated love!

You're going to want to sit down and play [all the scenarios] in a row!