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With such a big project we were bound to make a few mistakes. Here's the running list of things we've tweaked or corrected. We tried to organize this to minimize spoilers, and each topic has an indicator of how "severe" the impact is. So far, nothing seems totally broken, but a few things could have been made much more clear and consistent.
Everything below is changed as-of the first printing (look for 2022 near the UPC on the back of the box).

Rule Book

Page 1 - Component List

Incorrectly lists that 18 envelopes are visible. It should say 19 envelopes are visible. (Note: Those with the Kickstarter or Direct Edition also have "Promo Envelope Y", for a total of 20)

Page 4 - Draft a Die (medium)

You must select any 1 die from the Cathedral Board on each of your turns. Selecting a die is not optional.

Page 4 - Visual Accessibility Note

Incorrect reference to the green die having texture. It should say blue.

Page 5 - Tools (high)

Incorrectly says that you can may use 1 tool. Should say any tools available to you (consistent with the summary in ‘Abilities’ section on Page 4)

Page 6 - Broken Window / Empty Space

Fixed minor typos to clarify “broken window space” and “empty space” references

Various minor adjustments

  • P2: Added a window icon and mention of current window for private objectives
  • P6: Fixing Legacy Point illustration
  • P6: Adding window icons
  • P7: Minor typo “record” to “recorded” for family crest color change ability.
  • P7: Adding location of Market tracks

Envelopes & Their Contents

Envelope A

  • Illustration incorrectly references an older version of the durability check area. The functionality of this Tool remains the same.

Envelope B

  • Envelope Inside: Incorrectly references "Skill Check Area". This should say "Durability Area". This reference is correct on the sticker card.
  • Clarification: This sticker may indeed be placed over the Durability Area of Tool B

Envelope J (medium)

Sticker J3: Setup the Rare Glass Die - Clarifying that the standard colors must be different (as stated on the back of the card itself)

Envelope M (high)

Sticker M2: Changed incorrect reference to “last place player” to be “last player”, as-in the player who played last during the round.

Envelope N

  • Sticker N: Clarifying the Family Crest Ability to say “recorded color”, not “color recorded here”. The color is recorded on the sticker, not in the rulebook.
  • Envelope Inside: Added reference to the Dedication Ability being found at the back of the rules

Envelope Q

  • Window O - Spaces Adjacent to Large Spaces: The description on the cover and inside the booklet should say that the large space is adjacent to eight, not six, spaces.
  • Window O - Masterwork Spaces: All masterwork spaces (but specifically the arrows placed by the 1 & 2) may have an arrow point to a large space. They may not be placed in the large spaces.
  • Window O - Masterwork Spaces: Each of the 3 different arrow symbols is considered to be a distinct value from the other symbols (and from all numbers), regardless of their rotation.
  • Window O - Masterwork Spaces: Each of the 3 different arrow symbols is considered to be the same value as that symbol in another Masterwork space, regardless of their rotations. Placing two of a given masterwork space would indeed award points for Objective C.

Envelope T (medium)

  • Sticker T1: Durability Check: Clarifying to say " tool cards are durable...” on the durability sticker
  • Envelope Inside: Incorrect reference to continuing on the Outro Card. Should say to continue on the Intro Card.

Envelope U

Clarification on the name of the sticker card in the contents list.

Envelope X

"Unconstructed Matches" should read "point", not "points".


Last Sheet - End of Game

Added a reminder to step 2 about discarding duplicate tools in a 2-player game before placing them in the market box.

Back Flap - Outside

Player Turns: Incorrectly states that you can only use each type of ability once. The rule book (P4 - Abilities) is correct.

Back Flap - Inside

  • Magic Square Scoring: Clarifying that rows / columns only score the first time you achieve a row / column with no repeated colors. Each of these objectives give a max of 3 total points
  • Magic Square Rules: Clarifying that it’s the magic square that doesn’t have a value filled (previously could be mistaken to read that the window space in your journal wouldn't have a value filled)

Window 6

New rules should read "up to as many as 7 neighboring spaces", not 6

Window 10

Tool 30 - Should read "spaces", not "space", like Tool 29

Tool Cards

Tool 2 - Grinding Stone (high)

Reworded to “fill with flipped value” to align better with the writing of the rules. Changed the note to mention that any other value flips to 0.