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Do you know something...?

What about something about everything?

Everything Ever Party Game Box

Releasing today at Gen Con is Everything Ever - The Party Game You’ve Been Preparing For Your Whole Life! We’re so excited about this new game and we know you're gonna love it! We've been sneaking out little bits of information about this one and we can't wait to talk about it more. And what is even better is that you can order Everything Ever right now!

You can learn how to play Everything Ever, in about 10 second. It’s a social party game where players are challenged to name an item listed on each of the two cards in play. These cards range in category topics from A to Z like Every Tom Cruise Movie, or Every Fish, or something from one of the 250 different categories included the box! With a limited number of cards played per game it will be a while before you run out of new cards to see. If you can’t think of something for one of the cards, you’ll have to take the card as a penalty. The player with the fewest penalty cards at the end of the game is the winner. Sounds simple right?

A group of friends playing the Everything Ever party game

To get out of the situation where you just can’t think of another type of apple, or a country in Africa, you have options. You can take the card as described above, or you can cover the card you're stuck on with one from your hand (just make sure you know something for that one though). Each player is dealt a hand of three category cards at the beginning of the game. So maybe you think you know College Mascots, or Sesame Street characters better than the other players, swap it out and stay in the game. Be careful though, you have a limited number of times you can use this safety maneuver before you’ll need to try to bluff your way through the round by convincing people that the Arctic Warbler is totally a real bird!

Everything Ever party game judge card being played

The other players have ways to either let you get away with your borderline answers, or to call you out if they think your out of order! If you can’t come up with an answer in about 10 seconds or your answer doesn’t cut it with the other players at the table you have to take the card, or cards as a penalty! Each time a player replaces a category with a card from their hand, the penalty for that stack of cards increases, and another category card is added to the two in play. Making the game just a little bit tougher. 

Once a player takes a penalty card, or cards, a new category is replaced from the top of the Draw Deck. The Draw Deck is set up at the beginning of the game with 3 cards per player, so in a 6 player game there will be 18 cards in the Draw Deck. This is the game’s clock. Once the Draw Deck is empty the player with the fewest penalty cards is the winner!

But wait! There’s more!

Think you’re clever? If you can come up with a single answer that satisfies both of the cards in play you get one of two optional bonuses. You can discard one of your penalty cards. A powerful move. Or, you can draw a new card to your hand increasing your chances of changing the categories, and reducing the Draw Deck bringing the game one card closer to completion.

That’s Everything Ever! Well, about this game anyway. Everything Ever is available right now to order! We hope to see you all playing it at your next game night, at a convention, or out at the pub!

Everything Ever party game new category card being played.