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Vivid MemoriesA Game of Collecting and Connecting Memories

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Vivid Memories box art

Every stick is a sword. Every bike is a steed. Every memory is a possibility.

In Vivid Memories, you’ll take turns collecting fragments of childhood memories, weaving a tapestry of colored threads in your mind. Throughout your journey, you’ll store important moments in your memory bank -- gaining new abilities to help you score.

Cleverly create connections and earn rewards for completing core memories, matching the imagination behind each moment, and working toward your lifelong aspirations for victory.

Game Design: Matthew Dunstan & Brett J. Gilbert

Illustration: Andrew Bosley

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In my opinion, this gorgeous abstract supplants Azul!

Colorful. Fun. Vibrant.

A very amazing game and I think Floodgate has a real winner on their hands here.

This is a beautiful production from Floodgate Games! [Vivid Memories] is immensely rewarding.

I love this game... It's beautiful, I love the concept, it's very puzzly. 

Just check it out. Because, this is something special.

How To Play





  • 125 Fragment Tokens
  • 4 Player Boards 
  • 20 Moment Tiles
  • 5 Aspiration Tiles
  • 4 Helper Cards
  • Start Player Marker (3D Deluxe)
  • 16 Scoring Markers 
  • Score & Round Track
  • Round Marker 
  • Drawstring Token Bag (Embroidered Deluxe)
  • Deluxe only Stitched Playmat


  • Game Design: Matthew Dunstan & Brett J. Gilbert
  • Illustration: Andrew Bosley
  • Graphic Design: Matt Paquette
  • Development: Ben Harkins
  • Overview Video: Bryce Walter
  • Overview Voiceover: Dan Marta
  • Publisher: Floodgate Games

Technical Specs

  • UPC: 850030923004
  • Case Quantity: 6
  • Box Size: 295 x 225 x 75mm / 11.61 x 8.86 x 2.95 in.
  • Box Weight: 1.45 kg / 51.15 oz.