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Sagrada Blue Enamel Pin

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This soft enamel pin is was crafted with artisanal care, especially for Origins 2021 but not able to be featured at that show, it is now waiting for you to revel in all its sparkling glory.

A new look for fans of Sagrada. The centerpiece of this pin’s design focuses on the blue die, emblazoned with four scintillating pips and accentuated with a stained-glass leading effect. Moving down the pin, you'll be dazzled by the glittery goodness that awaits you in the wordmark. A dazzling sunburst of bright oranges and yellows illuminate the pin and add to the eye-catching elements, showing everyone that you are a true fan of Sagrada.

Presentation is everything as this fine broach is mounted and perfectly centered on a premium cardboard panel, complete with the utmost reassurance that this is indeed an official collectible pin.

Like our other Sagrada pins, the reverse side enjoys a polished, mirror finish etched with a reminder of precisely which pin this is, preventing any confusion that may occur. Keeping your safety at the forefront, we protect the precision-sharpened pin itself with a soft-touch, star-shaped rubber cap in a stylish rouge.