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Make up Stories, Break the News.

  • 4-11 Players
  • About 30 minutes to play
  • Ages 7+
  • Hilarious Story-telling game
  • Direct Edition: Includes direct-exclusive "Sportsball" Segment card
  • Download the Free Audio Companion App

Fill in cue cards and incorporate the topics on them into your segment as you deliver the news.

Stories from the morning come back in the afternoon and evening, getting stranger and more tangled each time.

Have players who don't want to talk? Great! We included the "Producer" cards just for them!

No points, no scoring, just a hilarious time breaking the news!

What our fellow anchors are saying:

"Being a huge fan of party games, this game has created a ton of fun memories." - Derek Funkhouser (Board Game Spotlight)

"Thanks for bringing this game to my attention, I am going to get a copy of this and play the hell out of it at conventions!" - Katie Aidley (Katie's Game Corner)

"Our play of this lasted 2 hours and my face hurt from laughing. It’s a great game and design!" - James Hudson (Druid City Games