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Dogfight!Rule The Skies In 20 Minutes

Draw tokens from your bag to plan your maneuvers full-throttle, loop-the-loop, or hanging back to line up your shots. Shoot them out of the sky or pile up the most damage after three rounds to be the dominant fighter ace!

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Dogfight! box art

In Dogfight! two rival aviators of the First World War duel each other with Biplanes across the sky. To defeat your enemy, you must maneuver yourself to get behind them and shoot at exactly the right moment!

Dogfight! is played over a maximum of three rounds or until one of the Biplanes has been shot down. If a Biplane is shot down, the game ends immediately and the surviving player is declared the winner! If the third round ends and neither Biplane has been shot down, the player who has taken fewer hits is the winner.

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I think Dogfight! is the most fun game in this series so far! It's a thrill!

This a great [quick] game. You can easily play two to three games of this in an hour.

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