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Cosmic ColoniesAn Orbit-drafting Game of Building a Home in the Stars

A tile placement, resource management game where players build a home on their own asteroid. Worker cards rotate around the table after being selected.

Direct Exclusive Edition Includes:

  • Monumental Achievement Expansion
  • Asteroid Round Marker
  • Upgraded Score Markers

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Cosmic Colonies - Direct Edition box art

Asteroids blast through the cosmos... each one packed with possibilities. 

One may be your perfect new home, but it takes a stellar team to build a cosmic colony.

Players must leverage their workers’ unique abilities to gather resources and construct new buildings while cleverly expanding their colonies. Each round brings new opportunities—and new talent. Your old workers will blast off to other players, while their workers orbit around to join your team! 

Using clever planning you can build the best celestial city to shine the brightest in Cosmic Colonies!


Dice Tower Seal of Approval

Reviews See Videos

This is a very strong gateway game...simple choices but good, fulfilling ones. A great little game, I'm definitely impressed with it.

Dice Tower - Tom Vasel

This initiative system with a super-tight polyomino puzzle makes Cosmic Colonies a very, very sharp game

Rhado Runs Through

The passing of these worker cards make the game stand out among other drafting and tile-placement games.

Tantrum House

All those [mechnisms] come together to vreate an incredible experience and just such a fun game

Never Bored Gaming

The 'orbiting' mechanism that has players sharing cards round-to-round forces them to think carefully about what cards they're using, and when

Man vs. Meeple

All the things I like about games like this are here

Undead Viking

A fantastic game. Its core mechanic feels clever and makes you think around your opponents, there’s plenty of variability game to game, and it’s a ton of fun for new and experienced gamers alike.

This is definitely a cool game. I am a sucker for drafting and I think with the closed selection of cards it can be really interesting. I love the different boards and the hidden goals to work towards. It has a lot of great mechanics and will keep the game interesting from play to play.

It's light, yet strategic, still has interesting decision-making, has the fun-factor and is highly accessible.

Before You Play

Great for players who like strategy, but it's easy to get to the table

Meeple Mountain - Brody Sheard

Cosmic Colonies fits the family game genre very well. It is easy to learn and it plays in about a half hour, but its decisions are interesting nonetheless.

This is a good family game, and an interesting 2-player game as well

How To Play



  • 96 Building Tiles
  • 5 Score Markers
  • 1 Wooden Round Marker
  • 60 Plastic Resource Tokens (15 x 4 Types)
  • 20 2 x Resource Tokens
  • 20 Basic Worker Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • 20 Advanced Worker Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • Double-sided Main Board
  • 5 Double-sided Asteroid Boards
  • 5 Private Objective Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • 1 Solo Mode Asteroid Board
  • 14 Solo Mode Worker Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • Rulebook

Direct Exclusive Edition

  • Everything above &
  • Monumental Achievement Expansion
  • 1 Plastic Asteroid Round Marker
  • 5 Plastic Score Markers


  • Game Design: Scott Almes
  • Illustration: Tristam Rossin
  • Cover Illustration: Matt Bain
  • Graphic Design: Matt Paquette
  • Sculpting: Chad Hoverter
  • Development: Ben Harkins
  • Editing: Paige Polinsky
  • Photos: Elijah Weerts
  • Overview Video: Josh McDowell
  • Overview Voiceover: Dan Marta
  • Published by: Floodgate Games

Technical Specs

  • SKU: FGG-CC01
  • UPC: 728028465280
  • Case Quantity: 6
  • Box Size: 295 x 295 x 75mm / 11.61 x 11.61 x 2.95 in.
  • Box Weight: 1.22 kg / 43 oz.



First Printing: The #2 worker has the incorrect name in all 3 decks. This one should be named "Mining Engineer". Here are the cards with the correct name that you can print at home.