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3 Laws of RoboticsA Deduce Your Own Identity Game for 4 to 8 Law-Abiding Robots

A social deduction game with ever-changing rules where you know everyone's information except your own

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3 Laws of Robotics box art

3 Laws is a lively deduction game for 4 to 8 players where you know everyone’s information except your own!

Each round you ask a single question to try and figure out who is on your side, being sure to obey the laws as they’re added.  Ask the right questions, find your team, and boot up victorious in 3 Laws of Robotics!

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A lot of fun, really enjoyable

Tantrum House

I really enjoyed the game and I want to play it some more! Even if you play with the same group repeatedly, each game is likely to be different.

It had us laughing all the way through

An absolutely fun little game that brings out joy and laughter every time that it hits the table. It’s a fun deduction game that is social, without really being typical ‘social deduction’



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  • 25 Law Cards (63 x 88.5 mm)
  • 15 Faction Cards (63 x 88.5 mm) 
  • 8 Security Key Cards (63 x 88.5 mm) 
  • 36 Victory Point Cards (44 x 63 mm) 
  • 10 Enforcement Tokens
  • Start Player Marker
  • Rule Book


  • Game Design: Ben Kanelos
  • Illustration: Tristam Rossin
  • Graphic Design: Matt Paquette
  • Development: Ben Harkins
  • Editing: Paige Polinsky
  • Published by Floodgate Games

Technical Details

  • SKU: FGG-3LR01
  • UPC: 728028465266
  • Case Count: 10
  • Box Size: 150 x 100 x 45mm / 5.91 x 3.94 x 1.77 in.
  • Box Weight: .24 kg / 5.9 oz.