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Do You Have 20 Minutes To Conquer the Table?

We are thrilled to officially announce that we’ve added an amazing series of games to our catalog! Blitzkrieg!, Caesar!, Dogfight!, and several yet-to-be announced titles in the 20-minute Series originally produced by PSC Games. These are available now from Floodgate Games! We’re huge fans of these games and we’re excited for where we can take the series with future releases.

Blitzkrieg! - Win World War Two in 20 Minutes!

Blitzkrieg! Front of Box Image
First released in 2019 and adding the Nippon expansion in 2021, Blitzkrieg! Sets 2 players (there’s solo-play, too) as either the Axis or Allied forces in a tug-of-war struggle to control the many theaters of World War Two. Draw army tokens from your bag to field and replenish your forces to various campaigns focusing on air, land, and sea engagements. Use your forces to gain control of the various campaigns, gaining new weapons, technology, resources, and of course victory points!

Caesar! - Conquer Rome in 20 Minutes!

Caesar! Board Game Box Cover
At the time of this announcement Caesar! Is nominated for a 2023 Dice Tower award for “Best 2-Player Game”, and we think it’s a contender! Caesar!, sets each player in the role of Caesar or Pompey vying for control of the Roman Empire. Draw your forces from your token bag and strategically place your legions to gain control of neighboring provinces and trigger bonus resources to give yourself an edge. Included in Caesar!, are additional modules to expand the core game, or try your hand at conquering the automata in the included solo-mode.

Dogfight! - Rule the Skies in 20 Minutes!

Dogfight! Board Game Box Cover
The 20-minute Series has another hit with this one. In Dogfight!, each player is a fighter ace during World War One. Each biplane has their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique token options making each dogfight play very differently. Draw tokens from your bag to plan your maneuvers full-throttle, loop-the-loop, or hanging back to line up your shots. Shoot them out of the sky or pile up the most damage after three rounds to be the dominant fighter ace! Play through 4 advanced scenarios using 9 unique planes, or out-fly the automata in the included solo mode.

Your gaming time and budget are valuable to you, so we do everything we can to hold our games to a demanding level of quality. Paramount among these factors are the memorable experiences they create. We’re confident these titles will be a great fit in our extended catalog - offering a high quality 2-player gaming experience, emergent storytelling, quick turns with meaningful choices, and great strategic depth while being easy to learn.

More To Come!

There are more titles already planned in this series and we cannot wait to share them with you! Whether you’re new to our games or been following along for a while, we hope this new series of games brings a fast and fresh way to bring fun to your table. !