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Décorum wins the Gee Learning Games Award!

We're proud to announce that Décorum was selected as this year's winner for the Gee Learning Games Award!

2022 James Paul Gee Learning Games Award - GEE Trophy and Laurels

Here's a bit more from Charlie Mackin (co-designer) on the learning goals Décorum sets out to achieve:

"Décorum requires cognitive flexibility, perspective taking, and compromise to play, and mechanically encourages developing these skills. When players are given their requirements for fulfillment, they immediately begin planning. They will naturally envision what the board needs to look like to win and which moves they need to make to get it there. As the game progresses, they will be forced to change that vision many times. The mental model of their end state must remain flexible. Their partner will often make moves designed to directly contradict their envisioned end state. A successful player will learn to take on new information from their partner, either from a rule share or by watching their partner's moves, and find a new end state to work towards."

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Décorum game box and components