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Coming to Gen Con 2022!

We're bringing it this fall!

Gen Con 2022 will be here before we know it! We're bringing all new games and an all new booth design to this year's show, so if you're headed to the Gen Con we'd love to see you at BOOTH #439!

If you're not on your way to Indianapolis for "The greatest four days in gaming." fear not! These will all be at your local game stores this August.

Sagrada: Glory

Sagrada: Glory - The third in the series of Great Façade expansions to Sagrada!

Sagrada: Glory releases as the third of the Great Façade series of expansions to Sagrada! Like the two expansions that game before (Passion & Life) Glory is a modular expansion introducing new options to test your artisanal skills!

All-new Strife Dice are available in every draft pool with placement restrictions. Pioneer Objectives reward the first to achieve their goals. The Flourish module encourages specific and unique dice placement. Mix and match these to fit your mood whenever you play Sagrada! 

Kites: Time to FlyKites: Time to Fly a real-time game that is actually fun to play.

Kites is an exciting release for us! Our first real-time game puts 2 to 6 players to the task of having a lovely day at the park flying kites. Nobody wants the day to be ruined by letting any of the kites crash right? Work together to keep all the kites in the air until you've played through the whole deck of cards!

Take turns playing cards, flipping the matching sand timers, and coordinating with other players to ensure none of the sand timers run out. If a timer runs out, a kite has crashed! Kites is an exciting and fast-paced game that you can learn to play in less than a minute! Once you’ve mastered the standard game, additional challenge cards add seamlessly to the experience. We know people are going to love this one!

Love on LockdownLove on Lockdown is an all new expansion to Fog of Love.

Love on Lockdown is an expansion to the critically acclaimed, Fog of Love board game. Love on Lockdown tells the story of a couple who find themselves locked inside together for months on end with nothing to do. (How did we ever come up with this idea!?)

In Love on Lockdown you’ll navigate a branching storyline that switches paths based on your choices! Choose the fate of your relationship from 8 new Destinies specific to this love story. Explore 45 fun, new Scene cards all concerned with life, love, and happiness on the (literal) inside. This is our first original expansion to Fog of Love and we’re thrilled to have it finally hit your tables this fall!

If you're headed to Gen Con make sure you find us and say "Hi!". If you're not headed to the show this year, let us know what you'll be playing that weekend on social media!