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Announcing the next great Roll and Write from Floodgate!

What happens when giants collide?

"A combination this epic has not been seen since Peanut Butter & Chocolate." - Somebody cool probably.

Late one night, in a spreadsheet-induced stupor, game designer and Floodgate owner Ben Harkins' vision began to blur. As he stepped away from his computer and slipped on an empty Keto power bar wrapper… rolling down the stairs he crashed, headfirst, into his game shelves.

The next morning he awoke to find his hands neatly placed within two of the fallen game boxes. The combination was so elegant. So obvious. So wrong, but so… write! Sagrahtzee was born!

This innovative, groundbreaking installment to the roll & write genre of parody games comes to you fully playable via a free print-and-play! (the team couldn't bear dealing with another production cycle) It's easy to learn and will take a lifetime to master (or at least what will feel like a lifetime). All you need to play the completely free game is a printer, paper, ink, a computer, a copy of Sagrada, and 6 colored pencils! (Or Crayons, we won't judge)

Print and Play Sagrahtzee Now!

Simply add two of each dice color from Sagrada to the dice bag and you're ready to roll! and write. or color. You know what we mean...

What's that? Does the whole family want to play? Well of course they do! Just print out sheets for everyone. Or keep your secret love of randomness to yourself and play solo, hidden away on the bathroom floor with the door shut; we'll never tell your game group about that time you rated LCR a 9.5 on BGG.

Whatever way you wish to play it, we hope you enjoy our holiday gift to you!

*legal stuff: This is a parody game provided for free as a joke for the April Fools holiday. Floodgate Games, LLC is not associated with or sponsored by Hasbro, Inc. or the "Yahtzee" brand.